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Welcome to Paranormal Weekly.

Join us as we read paranormal stories and debate new evidence and theories .

We are on a quest to delve deeper than anyone has ever gone before to prove once and for all that the spirits of the dead do walk amongst us.

We have a team of experienced Paranormal investigators on hand that will attempt to unearth new links and uncover new evidence that will try to prove we are not alone on this planet.

Science is moving very fast in the field of the paranormal, and more and more people are awakening to the fact that there is another dimension that sits alongside our own which is home to the spirits of our loved ones who have gone before us.

Join us as we document and share irrefutable proof of spirit interaction, and take an in depth look into the spirit realm.

Content writers required

Here at Paranormal weekly we are always on the look out for new content writers.

If you have the ambition to publish your story or theories, or even evidence you have personally captured, that you believe will prove once and for all that Spirit does exist, then we want to hear from you!

We believe that if the paranormal community comes together and pools all our individual pieces of evidence we have collected over the years into one central hub, then we may be able to establish patterns of activity that may unearth exciting new revelations.

Rules of the site

We encourage healthy debate here on this site but will not tolerate any bullying of any form and those found to contradict our policies will be banned from the site.

We all have our personal beliefs, but if we truly want to learn and study the mysterious world of spirit then an open mind is critical. 

When we open our minds, we are more receptive to receiving messages from the spirit world.

Suggestions welcomed

Is there a particular question you would like answers to?

Would you like us to take a deeper look into a specific area of the paranormal?

The field of the paranormal possibly has the widest range of categories of all the greatest questions that have baffled the human race throughout history. 

Our team of experts will be on hand to go much deeper into researching and attempting to answer the burning questions we all have with the spirit world.

Latest Titles looking for content writers

We are currently looking for submissions of our latest series of articles. 

If you have a story  or evidence of any of these titles and would like to feature as a published author on the site then please click here to email your submission for review.

  • Spirit guides, An introduction
  • Spirit guides - Who are they?
  • Spirit guides - What do they do?
  • How to connect with your spirit guide.

Latest articles

Have you got your own paranormal story? Contact the team and we will happily publish it for you

The Chosen Ones Paranormal events company launching soon

In the coming weeks The Chosen Ones paranormal events hosting company will be launching.

This unique events company is unlike anything you have seen offered by the main players of the paranormal events evenings.

Details will be coming very soon, we suggest that all you serious investigators out there watch eagerly for something tailored for you.

Featured Paranormal TV

Here at Paranormal Weekly we love watching investigations of haunted locations. 

Each week we will feature one of our favourite paranormal tv shows to share with you all.

Let us know your favourites and we will check them out and run a feature on them.

Week #3 ParaTV

A Haunting on....

This weeks featured Paranormal TV show is the documentary series called A Haunting on… by Steven ‘Prozak’ Shippy.

Prozak is a former musician that turned to the Paranormal investigation scene after experiencing paranormal events with his own eyes.

The former sceptic now spends his time doing indepth investigations of some of the most severe cases of demonic hauntings across the US.

His team spend many months trying to get to the bottom of what is happening at the locations they are called to and he then publishes longer documentary style films of the investigation.

Some of the cases he has investigated have been extreme and I would advise anyone to watch the docufilm called A Haunting on Dice Road which can be found on Amazon Firestick TV.

Prozak uncovers satanic ritual items that caused a family to live through a terrifying nightmare as their lives were turned upside down by a nasty woman who hexed the family.



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