Help my house may be haunted!!!

Help, my house is haunted!


If you suspect you are experiencing a haunting and need help, The Chosen ones paranormal investigations team are on hand to help with potential cases of paranormal activity in the home or place of business.

We have a dedicated team on standby to assist you if you suspect an active haunting to be taking place that is causing physical or emotional distress.

Hauntings of the home.

As the world gets to grips with the notion that the spirits of the dead can and do visit us here on earth, these spirit visitations can sometimes cause harm or fear to the unexpecting home owner.

Many people are not ready to believe that spirits can cause havoc in the family home or workplace, but The chosen ones team are here and ready to listen to you if you need help.

Activity that can point to a potential haunting

Haunting’s can be very scary, but not all bumps in the night point to paranormal activity.

Before you shout, ‘help I think my house is haunted’, try and think logically and calmly to see if you can find natural explanations for what you are witnessing.

Debunk the activity, look for other reasons first.

To begin with, the homeowner should try and rule out natural explanations for the activity they are witnessing. 

Many times, what may seem to be a ghost, can be easily explained away as nothing more than the central heating pipes knocking and clunking as they heat up and expand for example.

Our experienced team will assist you in ruling out earthly explanations for your suspected paranormal activity, before we reach the conclusion that you are experiencing a genuine haunting.

Genuine hauntings

Once a genuine case of a haunting has been proved we can assist you in finding out what type of haunting you are experiencing.

Although the majority of haunting’s do not cause physical harm to the occupant of the home or office, they can cause disruption to the property by physically moving objects.

Poltergeist activity

Poltergeist activity can be one of the scariest types of haunting’s there is. 

The spirit can physically move furniture and throw items  around the room seemingly at will. 

At this point we would advise you to reach out to a paranormal investigator for help.

The paranormal investigator will help you try to get to the bottom of why this spirit has invaded your home and more importantly, what it wants.

Types of haunting

Residual haunting's

Residual haunting’s are said to be like video’s playing over and over.

For example, Mr Jones who used to live in your home , always made his favourite cup of hot chocolate every evening at 10pm on the dot.

You now live in his family home that he occupied for many years, and you may witness the residual energy of Mr Jones going about his daily ritual at 10pm. 

He will be totally unaware of your presence. This is also know as the stonetape theory. 

Intelligent haunting's

Intelligent haunting’s are when the spirit entity is fully aware of your presence and can interact with you. 

Many of these spirits may just like to make a lot of noises, or show themselves in a variety of ways to the homeowner.

Seeing a full bodied apparition can be extremely frightening, but try to stay calm and grounded at all times. Panic can cause the problem to get worse as some spirits feed off the energy created by our state of fear.

 The majority of intelligent haunting’s in the main will not cause physical harm, but the emotional stress they can cause is sometimes as traumatic.

If you feel that a haunting is getting worse or an entity is causing physical harm, then we can help you to remove the spirit from your home or workplace.

Cleansing ceremonies to remove spirits from the home

There are cleansing ceremonies that can be performed to attempt to drive out an entity from your home. Using prayer and special herbs entities have been expelled from homes many times.

We have performed these ceremonies successfully in the past, so help is at hand.

Sage is said to be a great incense to cleanse any space of negative energy, simply light the end of the stick, then blow it out so you get a glowing ember. The smoke from the ember will remove negative energy.

Other signs of paranormal activity

If you suspect you are suffering from a haunting, there are several signs to look out for.

Furniture and objects moving

As mentioned above, poltergeists can physically move furniture and throw objects.

Keep an eye out for pieces of furniture moving location in your home. Some extreme cases have seen elaborate stacking of chairs.

This is a potentially dangerous haunting and we would advise you to seek help.

Unexplainable noises

It has been claimed many times that people have heard voices in the room with them when they are alone. 

Spirits also like to make banging noises to attract your attention. 

Cold or hot spots in the home

Cold spots in the house that can not be explained by natural drafts can be a sign of paranormal visitation.

Spirits are said to draw the heat energy out of a room to help them to manifest or move an object.

Equally, hot spots in particular areas where the temperature should be stable to the environment. 

Many believe these to be negative haunting’s but we would not jump to any conclusions until the location has been investigated properly.

Physical manifestations

Some spirits will show themselves as dark masses of smoke, or light anomalies. 

It is very rare to see a spirit that shows itself as a full bodied apparition, but it can happen. 

Scratches or bruises on your body

Some people may experience scratches or bruises on the body that have no explanation as to how you they got them.

It is very rare that a spirit causes physical harm, but it can and does happen. 

Some spirits want something to be heard and the only way they can get your attention is to touch you physically.

Not all physical spirits are malicious by nature, they are often trying to get someone to listen to what they have to say.

By marking you, they have greater chance of being heard. 

How to document paranormal activity

Our team has the very latest equipment available to the paranormal investigator.

We use a variety of scientific equipment when attempting to document the tell tale signs of paranormal activity. 

Recording spiritual energy

It has been scientifically proved that spirits give off an energy field when they are present in the room. 

By using Electro-Magnetic field detectors (or EMF detectors as they are commonly known) , we can scientifically record any unusual spikes in the EMF field within the location.

Most properties will emit some natural levels of EMF in certain areas. 

Things like fuse boxes and other powerful electrical items do give off an energy field, so it is always prudent to take base readings of the rooms within the location to see what is normal for that specific area.

Any sudden spikes in the energy field can point to paranormal visitors being present.

Digital temperature guns or other digital temperature gauges can be used to record the environmental temperature within the location.

It has been widely documented that when a spirit is present, it will draw the heat out of the room as it uses the energy within the heat to manifest itself. 

Alternatively, it has also been documented that spirit can significantly increase the environmental temperature as it tries to get your attention. 

Communicating with the spirit

Communicating with the spirit that haunts a location is a crucial part of any investigation.

 We believe that these visitations occur because the spirit of the dead has unfinished business here on our plane of existence.

By opening communication with the spirit to find out what they want, it can often put an end to the haunting.

Once the spirit has relieved itself of its burden, they are then free to progress forward through their journey into the spirit world.

We use the latest communication tools that are available to try and speak with the entity. 

These noisy spirits are desperate to communicate some important information to the living.

By making noises or performing other paranormal phenomena, it is a spirits way of saying ‘Hey, I need to tell you something’.

Spirit boxes - Hearing the voice of the spirit

Spirit boxes are the latest technological advances in attempting to communicate with those who have passed.

It is widely believed that spirits can manipulate the white noise that is being heard through the spirit box.

Sometimes you will hear an audible display of words coming out of the spirit box from the spirit trying to tell us something that is important to them.

There is also a more traditional way to try and communicate with the dead, by using a Ouija board. 

The Ouija board

Ouija boards can be a very effective way to speak with the spirit that is causing you distress. 

We are very experienced practitioners of the Ouija board and use them in a safe and responsible manner. 

Often, the spirit will be more willing to open communication with use of the spirit board. 

They can spell out full sentences by moving the planchette to specific letters on the board, helping the investigator to find out exactly what the spirit wants.

As we mentioned earlier, our investigators believe that many haunting’s occur because the spirit of the deceased has something they need to say before they can move on to the next stage of their journey as spirit.

By seeing what the spirit has to say through a Ouija board, they are often more inclined to move on after they have spelt out their piece of information.

If you wish to use a Ouija board yourself to try and communicate with a spirit, we advise careful use of the Ouija board as it can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. Always research the Ouija properly before using it.

Help, I think my house is haunted!

If you still require help with a haunting after reading our information above, then please click the button below to email one of our team for an initial chat about the events you are experiencing.

Please remember that the majority of spirits do not wish to cause you harm so please try not to panic. 

Things to avoid if you suspect a negative haunting

If you are experiencing a negative haunting it is believed that the spirit feeds off your fear, so trying to remain calm is essential.

Try not to antagonise a spirit in any way, making them angry can make things much worse. Either ignore the entity completely or try to appease it. 

Remember, the vast majority of spirits were once flesh and bones as we are today, so treating them with respect and courtesy will go a long way to easing the severity of the haunting.

The Chosen ones team of paranormal investigators

Our team will listen to what you have to say and can instruct you in how to proceed. 

We are a group of open minded individuals and all types of paranormal phenomena will not be discredited or disbelieved. We have witnessed things that defy rational explanation. 

There are things in this world that we do not fully understand yet, but by researching paranormal phenomena, we get a greater understanding of the spirit world and how it interacts with our own.

We do not charge for our time and or assistance, and we will be happy to visit you at the location should it warrant further investigation.

All enquiries and conversations will be strictly confidential and discretion will be assured.