How to connect with spirit through a Ouija board.

Back story

Throughout the series of articles we have looked into the history of the Ouija board and how to use one as safely as possible with the use of prayers of protection in a hope that we do not attract negative spirits or demons to us as we conduct our séance, a scary thought for all paranormal investigators.

Now I thought we should look in greater detail how to attract or entice a spirit to communicate with you through your Ouija board.

On the vast array of paranormal shows you may watch on tv it always seems as though the shows stars just place a finger on the planchette, and it magically starts to move, this isn’t the case. The shows editors will have cut out the part where the participants of the séance attempt to call forward the spirits that reside in whichever location they are investigating.

I remember back to the first time myself and my wife (who run ‘The Chosen ones’ paranormal investigations team), attempted to communicate with the numerous spirit visitors we seemed to be getting in our own home. We had heard DVP’s (direct voice phenomena’s), had spirits sit at the bottom of the bed while we slept, and lots of bangs and noises, so we decided to purchase a Ouija board in the hope of connecting with these other worldly visitors.


Our first attempt was a complete blank, we were both pretty skeptical about the authenticity and powers that the Ouija board held, and as the planchette didn’t move when we put our finger on it we were a little disappointed and believed the board to be useless, in fact the second attempt went the same way.

We sat on the bed with our index finger on the planchette and asked questions and received no flicker of movement from the planchette. We concluded these Ouija boards were just for show and our minds were completely closed off to the thought that spirit could communicate with us through the board.

It wasn’t until some months later, we met a fellow investigator at an event one evening that told us he had had multiple communications with spirits through the Ouija board and we were welcome to join him in one of the rooms of the location while he conducted a séance with the board.

It was just the three of us sat round the board and our newly found friend led the session. He invited any spirits that were with us in the room to now come forward and communicate with us through the board.

He told the spirits they were welcome to use the energy in the room and to use our combined energy to move the planchette around the board and give us any messages they wished us to receive.

We also were told to rotate the planchette in a clockwise motion around the board to build the energy levels the spirits required to enable them to move it. Within a few minutes of him calling out to any spirits to move the planchette things began to happen. The planchette began to move slowly to the word yes!

Myself and my wife were astounded at this miraculous event, we certainly weren’t pushing the planchette ourselves and we closely watched our new friends’ hand to see if he was influencing the planchette in any way, he wasn’t, it was it seemed being moved by a spirit!

This event seemed to give us new belief in the power of the Ouija board as a spirit communication tool and as we had witnessed how our fellow paranormal investigator had invited any spirits to come forward and speak with us on that fateful night, we were now a little better educated in how to use the board properly.

This is where our journey with spirit and the Ouija board really began!

My wife and I’s minds had now opened to the fact that Ouija boards can connect to the spirit world and you can receive messages through them, this is a crucial factor if you wish to receive messages yourself through the board. If you sit in the circle and think to yourself this isn’t going to work, then the likelihood is it won’t.

Now, the following week we tried again and set up the Ouija board in our living room and lit candles next to the board and placed our single index finger on the planchette and began by speaking the prayer of protection we had found during our research into the board. We began the ritual of summoning spirit to connect with the board, we circled the planchette for a short while to build the energy and then began to ask if any spirits were here with us this evening.

Our jaws dropped in amazement as the planchette actually began to move. Very slowly at first, it moved to the word yes. We looked at each other in amazement and asked almost simultaneously “are you pushing the planchette?”, No we both replied.

As the session went on the planchette began to move much more swiftly and we had finally had our first session communicating with one of spirits we knew we were having visit us on a regular basis in the house.

Fast forward several months and we are now both very experienced practitioners of the Ouija board and have conducted a great many sessions in a safe and controlled manner.

How to communicate with spirit using the Ouija board

I will now share with you how to invite a spirit to your Ouija board and hopefully hold conversations with you as if you were texting with a friend.

Firstly, the single most crucial thing you will need when conducting a Ouija board séance is an open mind!

If you, or the members of your circle enter into a Ouija session thinking it’s all a load of rubbish, then chances are you will not receive any messages nor movement from the planchette. So, with that said, keep your minds completely open to the belief that these seemingly innocuous boards do have mystical powers way beyond anything the rational mind can comprehend.

Now you are ready to begin inviting any spirits that may be present with you in the room to come towards your Ouija board.

To begin, each member of the circle needs to put one finger lightly on top of the planchette (lightly touching the planchette will allow for it to move freely when you have connected with spirit and by just touching lightly, it is much harder for anyone to influence it in any way as a prank).

Have one predesignated spokesperson for the event (this way any spirit you connect with will not become confused as they are bombarded with questions from too many people at the same time).

Now the spokesperson should open the séance with a prayer of protection as discussed in the ‘How to use a Ouija board safely’ article. Once the prayer has ended you will need to generate some energy into your board.

This takes a little practice at first, but as you all have one finger on the planchette you need to circle it in a clockwise direction for a few minutes, all the time this is being done, the designated spokesperson needs to speak out loud that you are now inviting any spirits of the light that are here amongst us tonight to please come forward into our circle and communicate with us.

Also tell the spirits they are welcome to use any energy they need from the room, and that they may use the energy from the people sat around the Ouija board freely.

After a few minutes of continuous circling of the planchette, and the spokesperson calling out to the spirits amongst you, bring the planchettes circular hole to a stop on the letter G.

At this point, the spokesperson should say something along the lines of “If there are any spirits here amongst us tonight that wish to communicate, then please move the planchette clearly to the word Yes to let us know you are willing to communicate with us this evening”

You may need to repeat this sequence of movements and words several times or indeed for up to 10 minutes or more, depending on how active a location you are at, and what energy you can all put into the Ouija session.

Once the planchette begins to move of its own free will (with each member lightly resting one finger on it so as not to impede or influence it) towards and clearly over the word Yes, your session may begin.

You are now free to ask simple questions to the spirit that has very kindly heard your call and entered your circle. Start off with questions like….

“Hello spirit, could you please tell us your name?”, tell the spirit your names to introduce yourselves.

“Could you please tell us how old you are?”

“Do you have any messages for us this evening?”

If the planchette is moving slowly, as it sometimes does if you are connecting with a spirit of low energy, then the spokesperson should actively encourage the spirit that they are doing very well, and tell them again respectfully that they are welcome to use any energy freely that they need to move the planchette and spell out the words in answer to your questions.

Remember, as you have invited a spirit of the light to your Ouija board to communicate with you, this spirit was once alive like you are now, and we have found that spirits like to be treated as if they were still of the living. Encouraging and treating spirits with respect is again a crucial element of holding a successful Ouija board session.

I am sure most of you will have seen films where negative spirits terrorize the users of a Ouija board, it is scary stuff and it can happen in reality so always treat any spirits you connect with, with the utmost respect. Unhappy or angry spirits are not good when conducting seances, and I cannot answer what the spirit could do to you if you anger it, so it is best practice to always keep the spirit happy and this will also help you to build their trust and they will repay that trust by answering your questions through movement of the planchette.

When you have finished asking questions of the spirit or spirits that connected with you through the Ouija board, then close the session properly as discussed in the ‘how to use a Ouija board safely’ article.

There is a common belief that if you leave a planchette on the board and just walk away it is like leaving your front door wide open. You do not know what or who will walk through that open door, so always close it after you.

I wish you good luck in your personal journey with the Ouija board and I hope you get the answers you are looking for, the Ouija can be a wonderful link to the spirit world and if used responsibly it will often amaze and astound you as the planchette begins to move.

I very much enjoy the anticipation as to who will connect with us through the board on that particular sitting, and I am sure you will feel the same, should you wish to keep practicing with the board.

The Ghost writer

12th July 2019