How to use a Ouija board safely

In part 1 of the Ouija board series we have investigated the history of the board and how it came about and is now used as a powerful communication tool for paranormal investigators and people who like to practice the occult.

So now let’s delve a little deeper into the Ouija board and how to use one safely if curiosity has gotten the better of you and you wish to conduct your own ‘Ouija board’ session. Personally, I do not partake in the Hollywood view of the ‘Ouija board’, the films like to demonise the board, and a great many people have been scared away from even touching the board for fear of demonic attachments or poltergeists running amok round their home terrorising them and their family. This opinion is reached after watching one of this genre of films, affirming the belief that the ‘Ouija board’ as dangerous..

However, I am of the belief that the ‘Ouija board’ is NOT a game, nor should it be treated as such. You are opening doorways to the spirit world, a world we know very little about still, so caution and safety must always be paramount should you wish to experiment with the board yourself.

Myself and my wife are the founder members of ‘The Chosen ones Paranormal Investigations’ team and we hold regular ‘Ouija board’ sessions from our own home, so this article is written from experience, as we have held multiple seances with the spirits who visit with us at our home (click here for the videos of us communicating with spirit).

Before we began using the ‘Ouija board’, we did our research. The Hollywood movies rang heavily in my ears, that dark and negative entities will be lying in wait as you invite demons and unwanted spirits into not only your home, but also more worryingly, your life!

So, with this said, we wanted to be fully armed on how to use the board as safely as possible.

For me personally, as my career as a paranormal investigator progressed, I just had to know if there was anything more to this mystical board that is said to aide you with spirit communication, and I have a huge belief that if we are to learn more of this mysterious other dimension then we must push the boundaries in our quest to get the answers we all crave. 

With this said, I began asking around on the Paranormal community sites and researching the Do’s and Don’ts when conducting a Ouija board session. Many people warned me away from using the board, and a smaller number advocated its use as a great tool for speaking with spirit. I decided to go with the advocators view and gave it a go.

We always take our safety very seriously when dealing with the paranormal, so it made sense for us to look into how to open a ‘Ouija board’ safely and how to also close the session down once you are done speaking with any spirits that may come through the board.

There also appeared to be things to look out for when conducting a ‘Ouija board’ should something go wrong, and you do bring forth a negative spirit. I wanted to know everything that could possibly go wrong and I advise every new practitioner of the ‘Ouija board’ to do the same, as we often see very irresponsible use of the board, not offering up any prayers of protection and not closing sessions properly.

Of course, there are many different theories and beliefs regarding how to use a ‘Ouija board’, but this article is how we practice safe use of the board. At this point I feel I should also add that I do not endorse nor encourage anyone else to use the ‘Ouija board’ as these things really do work, and you are opening doorways to the spirit world that you may regret opening, so if you are determined to go ahead anyway then that is your own choice and ultimately your responsibility.

So, for those of you who have a yearning to use the board to see if you can communicate with the spirits of the dead, then this article is here to aide you with safe practice.

It is always advisable that a ‘Ouija board’ seance is to be done using a minimum of two people, and there is good reason for this. Not only does more members of the seance give you the additional piece of mind that someone else is in this with you should something go horribly wrong, but as importantly you will need the energy from the other people who are partaking in the seance with you. It is widely believed that the spirits will need, and will use your combined energies to move the planchette around the board.

We always start the session by lighting candles next to the ‘Ouija board’. The candles offer a cosy low light that will help put you in the correct mood to conduct the seance, and we have had spirits comment through the board that they can see the candlelight, which in turn attracts them to the board to open communication with you.

So, after you have set the stage with candles lit, and everyone is sat comfortably, it is now critical that you know exactly who you are sat with in your circle. It only takes one ‘bad apple’ to want to attract negative forces to come through the board, and the rest of you can suffer the dire consequences that will seriously impact on your life and wellbeing, so it’s quite important that each person in your circle only wishes to contact spirits of the light and repel any negative spirits that will be lurking around waiting for the opportunity to come through your board.

At this stage we all place our index finger on the planchette and offer up a prayer of protection to any spirits that may be with us, there are many prayers out there so you can use your own if you wish but the following prayer is for guidance purposes and the one we use when conducting a ‘Ouija’ session.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we ask for protection from evil. 

Let nothing but light, goodness and love surround us this day.

Let only the blessed powers and spirits of light and heaven enter this place.

Holy Spirit, we ask that you surround us with the brilliant light of your loving embrace, protecting us from malice and deception.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we banish all negative energy, evil spirits, and dark entities from this place.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.


This prayer has always served us well and to date we have not had a bad experience with the Ouija board, and it certainly can’t hurt to spare a minute at the start of the session to protect yourselves, whether you believe in the power of prayer or not.

(As to the procedure we use for calling any spirits forward to communicate with us will be dealt with in a separate article click here for how to summon spirits to the Ouija board).

Now, there are certain things to watch out for when conducting a Ouija board session.

Should any spirits that come forward start moving the planchette in a figure of 8 over and over, then close the session immediately. If the planchette moves to all four corners of the board, again close the session immediately, these movements are widely believed to be known as signs that you have connected with a negative spirit that is looking for a way to escape the board and enter our reality, which I am sure is not something that you signed up to when you began your circle this evening.

To close the session abruptly or if you have finished speaking with spirit, or even if you had no movement from the planchette, there is a safe way to close the ‘Ouija board’ properly, again there are many ways people will close a session and this is just how we do it for guidance to beginners.

Keeping your finger on the planchette, move it to the ‘Goodbye’ at the bottom of the board and say the following prayer.

Spirits of Light, we appreciate and thank you for your time and wisdom.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we command all spirits, energy, and entities in this place to return from whence they came.

We ask that the Holy Spirit watch over this place and the people in it, cleansing this home with holy light, keeping evil at bay.

In Jesus’s name we pray.


Once the prayer has ended, remove the planchette from the board. It is vital that you do this, as any spiritual doorways you have opened are believed to be left open with the planchette on the board. Many people will also turn the Ouija board over to banish the energy and connection that was made with the spirit world, we also practice this theory.

I hope you have learnt something from this article and wish you ‘Good luck’ on your personal journey with spirit, please always be respectful to any spirits that you make contact with, and try to remember they were once like you, a human being that walked this earth, so good manners are always advised, and can keep the spirits happy that you are communicating with.

For more in depth theory on how to call forth spirits to the ‘Ouija board’, see the further articles in the series, where we will look into the practice of attracting spirits to the board to communicate with you, and amaze you as the planchette begins to move around the board of its own accord.

Article written by The Ghost writer 30/06/2019