mirrors the portal theory

Mirrors and The portal theory

There has long been a belief that there is a relationship between our own reality here on earth and that of the spirit world. Mirrors the portal theory seems to suggest there is a link to the spirit world  using these household items. Lets discuss this question further.

For what appears to be centuries, different cultures have held a belief that these objects can hold a significant relationship with the spirit world dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

There are so many beliefs from different cultures and religions that it  would be a huge undertaking to document each one of them, but one interesting belief that stood out to me was from the Victorian era.

The Victorians believed that in the 7 day period after the death of a family member that all the mirrors within the household should be completely covered in drapes. The family members of the deceased would not dare to gaze into the mirror and have their own spirit taken by the reflection cast in the mirror. It was widely believed that the spirit of the dead would linger in the family residence until their body was interred, which was historically 7 days after the death occured. 

This theory seems to be repeated throughout many cultures and religions throughout the ages.

Modern day beliefs

In the current age some theorists believe we can now capture the images of spirit using mirrors as a portal or gateway to enter and escape our dimension by using the latest technological advances of different camera equipment that is now available.

The Independent newspaper recently ran an article that highlighted scientists are now looking into the possible relationship between mirrors and an alternate dimension, a parallel universe as they refer to it.

If scientists are now beginning to experiment with mirrors to see if they can show a link to the spirit world, then the theory seems to have gained significant weight as people are now awakening to the possibility that there is another place beyond our sight that we may advance to once we pass away.

There has been a plethora of case files over the last few years that seem to further point us to heavily conclude that the seemingly humble mirror does in fact have mystical powers and can be used as a doorway or portal to a spiritual world or alternate dimension.

Paranormal investigators all over the world have captured some amazing evidence that suggests that the numerous theories relating to mirrors and the paranormal, indeed has some merit.

One quite astounding piece of photographic evidence of late was captured by Barri Ghai, on the tv show ‘Help my house is haunted‘ that ran on the Really channel in the UK back in 2018.

mirrors the portal theory

The above image was captured using a Full spectrum camera, which captures images of the light spectrum that we cannot see with the human eye.

This one photograph out of hundreds that were taken, appeared to capture a spirit that could be seen entering the room through one of the mirrors that were situated in the property that the cast were investigating that night.

It certainly looks like we can make out the hands of the spirit entering through a suspected portal within this haunted location. It is one of the most significant captures of evidence to date that further proves the link between our dimension and the spirit world.

In fact, we had one case file from my own personal experiments and experiences that seems to add even more weight to this debate.

Here is my story………….


Mirrors The portal theory. 

Case file from ‘The Chosen Ones Paranormal investigations’ team.

Date 10th May 2019

Location: Warrington, Northwest of England.

My story of evidence of Mirrors and the portal theory

It was the 10th May 2019, and I had finished work a little early that day. I was laying on the settee doing some research into the field of the paranormal as I am an active paranormal investigator/researcher that has a passion for trying to reveal more from under the veil of mystery that drapes over the spirit world.

I am of a belief that if we wish to find answers to the mystery of what happens to us after death, then we need to put ourselves into the trenches as it were and be prepared to get our hands dirty. I believe that we need to push forward beyond the limitations of our minds to get a deeper understanding of this strange parallel dimension, if we are to ever uncover what really happens to us when we die.

Over the past several months I had done lots of reading into different theories within the paranormal community and was of late looking into the Astral Projection theory.

Astral projection

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Astral projection theory, it goes like this.

It has long been believed, and claimed by certain individuals that they can project their spirit or soul, out of the earthly body and into the ether of the spirit world.

There have been some major experiments ran over the last century by scientific researchers and government agencies that suggest that some of us can leave our physical bodies and Astral travel to alternate dimensions, or can seemingly wander around almost invisible within this reality without having to carry our body with us. 

One such case study I remember reading showed a group of Astral travellers were taken to a controlled scientific research centre and were involved in some quite significant trials. The Astral travellers were asked to project themselves out of the confines of the control room they were locked in, and to enter another room where objects were placed around the room strategically. 

Upon awakening from their Astral travels, the participants had to recount the objects they had seen in the control room and the results were staggeringly accurate. Each person successfully told the scientists what was concealed within the control room that they had not been privy to see before the experiment was to be ran. 

In fact, a good friend and fellow paranormal researcher had managed to get hold of some declassified government documents (click here to see the actual documentsgateway) on the internet that appeared to me to be substantial scientific research papers into the possibility of using Astral projection in the world of espionage. So, I concluded there must be some merit to this theory, and I should delve deeper into this field.

Back to the story....

I was on this afternoon beginning to feel a little tired and felt as though I could have a nap, it was then that I had an idea instead. What if I were to attempt the crazy idea to Astral project out of my body again, as I had tried this experiment once before successfully which had been cut short by an electronic device awakening me mid journey.

I remember laying on the settee and begin the thought process of imagining my spirit leaving my body as the research seemed to suggest one had to do if they were to Astral travel. Throughout my life, if I sleep through the daytime, I would suffer from sleep paralysis so as a rule I try not to sleep during the day.

The sleep paralysis would usually make me feel as if I was awake and conscious, yet my body was sleeping. If I tried to move, I couldn’t, then the panic would set in as I attempted to awaken my body and invariably I would eventually break free of this limbo like state of fear and panic and back to the land of the living with full function of my body.

Anyway, as I said, this day I decided to try again and as I was drifting out of consciousness, I invited any spirits that were present and could hear my call to take me away and show me the spirit world that I craved to see.

After a minute or so I felt as though I had been transported to another dimension. I couldn’t see a thing; it was pitch black. But I could hear! I heard what I believed to be an alternate place, old fashioned music was playing in the background and I heard a man and woman talking and arguing.

Could I have really managed to travel to a spirit dimension, it appeared so. After what seemed to be a short period of time, I tried to call out to the people I could hear, yet not see, but the words would not come out of my mouth. I was paralyzed completely at this moment and the fear I had had before began to creep up on me again.

As the fear rose, I attempted to leave this alternate dimension I had found myself in, yet every time I tried to get up, I was slammed back down into the settee and my body would start to convulse and or fit.

I remember beginning to panic even more as I felt whomever had taken my spirit to this alternate place was not keen on letting me go. Each time I tried to move my body it felt like I was being dragged back to the room with the music playing and the people talking.

One very clear memory I have is that I managed to somehow slide my way to the end of the settee in an attempt to escape from the spirits world or room I was in and it felt as though he actually grabbed a hold of me and forced my head down into the settee, and I then began to fit again as my body was skipping back and too between the two realities, that of life as we know it and this other worldly place I had been taken to.

After what seemed like an hour or so of this constant cycle of fitting and being dragged back to the spirit world, every time I tried to force myself to wake up I couldn’t. I was well and truly trapped and panicking for my life.

My saviour.

Luckily for me, my wife was just finishing work and came into the house. Her first sight of me was seeing me fitting and convulsing on the settee. She was unaware of the experiment I had seemingly successfully engaged in. I remember skipping back and too from consciousness back to where I had been taken to, escape seemed futile and the spirit could just drag me back into his clutches at will.

I remember in one of the moments of me skipping back into the reality of my living room, I was aware that my wife had now entered the room, and she was beginning to panic. I remember hearing her calling out to me “What’s happening?” as she saw me begin convulsing again.

In this moment of release, I managed to whisper to Mandi “Fetch me a glass of water” (I hoped by having a drink I could escape my predicament), she was panicking heavily by this point as she witnessed me passing back out, unconscious and starting to fit again. It must have been a terrifying and confusing site seeing me lay there in this state, for all she knew I could have been having an epileptic fit or something similar.

I do not remember Mandi going to get me the glass of water as I had passed out again and was back in the alternate dimension, but somehow I again managed to escape the spirit world as she passed me the glass of water to my slightly outreached hand.

I was having great difficulty with moving, it was as if my body wasn’t working like it should in the reality we call life, but as I held the glass of water I immediately fell unconscious again, and was transported back to the music playing room, and the sense that I was being held captive by some sort of negative spirit that had gladly taken his opportunity to capture the very essence or spirit of me away as I had openly invited at the start of the experiment.

Mandi later told me how she then became consumed with worry in this moment, as she quickly grasped the falling glass out of my hand as my grip let go again and my body failed me. I was back in the music room again. This time though it felt as though I was in the late 1800’s in America somewhere, I was beginning to glimpse my surroundings. I could see flashes of the room by now.

It was old fashioned décor and brown in color. The music was coming from some sort of record player or gramophone, but I couldn’t be sure. Maybe I was in a saloon or something and someone was playing musical instruments, I honestly do not know.

By now, Mandi was beginning to physically shake my body and I remember hearing her panicking shouting to me again “What’s going on?”, I was trapped, there was no escape from the predicament I had gotten myself into.

Suddenly I was aware of my surroundings again for a moment back in the living room of my home, with Mandi stood over me screaming in panic. I opened my eyes quickly as I realized this was a chance to escape, I spoke out to mandi to pull me up, and I was able to reach out my hand.

The release

The very moment Mandi held my hand and pulled me up, it was like I was immediately released from the spirit dimension I had been held captive in, and was fully back in our reality, finally I had escaped.

In the minutes after this experience I felt like I had been hit by a train, my body ached all over and I was completely without any energy whatsoever. This physical condition has been reported many times by others who can Astral travel as an after affect of what we have experienced.

I began to try and explain what had happened to Mandi, but my head was like fog, I couldn’t think straight, and I was so confused still as to what had happened to me during the Astral projection experiment.

Some half an hour passed, and I was beginning to recover from the ordeal, and I was telling my wife that I had successfully Astral projected to another dimension as it all felt so real.

Mandi then said “Ok, let’s hold a Ouija board séance to see if we can validate what happened to you”, we had used the Ouija a great many times by this point and had had multiple communications with spirit using the board.

We decided to film the Ouija session to capture any evidence we could gather, and we are glad we did as the session we were about to have was truly astounding.

We quickly set up the ritual we always use for conducting séance with the Ouija and began.

Almost immediately we received movement from the planchette to the word yes. The very first sentence the planchette spelt out was ‘Mandi is evil!’. We asked why is Mandi evil? (we both had a feeling we had connected with a negative human spirit that wasn’t good. However, I am used to speaking with spirit through the board and immediately took command of this negative presence.

Again, I asked why did you say Mandi is evil? The spirit replied, ‘it was a joke’ and I (meaning he) was in fact the evil one.

We asked the spirit can you please tell us your name. “no” was the reply.

We asked if the spirit that was with us now was the one who had taken me away to the alternate dimension and it unbelievably said YES. We had now connected with my captor.

The spirit told us eventually he was called Harlem or possibly that he had taken me to Harlem, and it was his music I could hear. He was trying to bully us or instill fear into us, but we were experienced enough with the Ouija to overpower any spirit energy that came forward.

After being told the answers to my questions for a short while I then asked how did you get in this house? He replied, YOU invited me! I guess I had, I didn’t say or stipulate that I wanted to be Astral projected only by good spirit, just spirit, so it was sort of my own fault for letting my guard against negative forces slip.

I asked how did you get into the house? Did you come in through the bathroom portal upstairs? (this relates back to a Ouija session we held where my mum came forward and told us we had a small portal to the spirit world in our bathroom upstairs. A room with 3 mirrors. 2 of which are the cabinet on the wall and one a broken mirror that we have sat on the edge of the bath. I don’t know who put this broken piece of mirror there, but it had seemed to become the (I suppose quite dangerous) objects new place of residence.

Was this the portal? A broken piece of mirror? Which could tie back to the all the historical theories that have circulated for centuries regarding different beliefs with mirrors.

Anyway, Harlem as we now referred to the spirit, said NO, he hadn’t come through the bathroom door as he called it. I asked, “did you come through the mirror we had bought recently at a charity shop whilst on a paranormal investigation?”. He said one word in reply “CLEVER”, it was as if he said it in a smarmy sarcastic way, you have rumbled me and know how I managed to get in your home and take you away.

I said to him that the door to the spirit world was meant to be upstairs in the bathroom, his reply was swift “YOU changed it” Had I somehow changed the portal or doorway to the spirit world to this new mirror? There is a back story to this mirror I will explain at the end.

After we had collected all the answers we felt we needed, we began the process of removing the spirit from the board and out of our home, we knew he was a nasty evil man in life and also in spirit and he needed to go!

I again took charge and told Harlem he was not welcome here in our home and indeed not welcome through our Ouija board, and I ordered him to take the planchette to Goodbye and leave our home.

He knew he had no power over us and had to do as I commanded and the planchette moved slowly to goodbye.

We immediately said the closing prayer of protection that banishes all spirits we have made contact with to go back from where they came from and not to stay in spirit in our home, and then removed the planchette from the board and overturned the board itself to dispel the energy we had created with our séance.

At this time, Mandi was a little rattled by the nasty spirit and said she felt a burning sensation on her neck. She went and looked in the mirror on the wall and was shocked to see a burn mark or welt coming up on her neck.

She turned to me and said “look! He has marked me!”, I immediately saw the burn that was across the whole front of her neck. I took pictures to record the evidence of Mandi being marked by this negative spirit which further validated to us how dangerous the Ouija board can be.

mirrors the portal theory

Thankfully Harlem was now gone, and the chain of events was over. It took us some time to be able to process the whole experience and eventually learn from the evidence we collected.

For those of you who would like to see the video of the Ouija board session that we recorded, then please click HERE.

Backstory to the new mirror we purchased in the charity shop

mirrors the portal theory

Now, here’s the backstory I promised regarding the new mirror in the living room.

We had booked to go on a paranormal investigation to a place called ‘The Village’ in Mansfield, a friend of ours who is also a paranormal investigator was hosting the event and had promised us free reign of the location to conduct or own research and run our own experiments.

One experiment we wanted to try involved using mirrors. We had seen lots of evidence regarding the theory that mirrors can be a portal or gateway to an alternate dimension, and it is believed mirrors can sometimes show you the spirits that we cannot see with our own eyes in their reflection.

So, we were going to take the mirror into the location and take some pictures through it. (We never did get around to doing that experiment as things didn’t quite go as we had planned). Anyway, we hadn’t taken any mirrors with us so whilst out for a walk of the area before the investigation I decided I would purchase 2 mirrors if possible, from the charity shop we were now walking by.

I asked the woman behind the desk; “do you have any mirrors for sale?”

She said “yes, there’s one down there and one over there on the shelf”. The mirror that was on the floor was hidden from view amongst other picture frames etc. It is and old-fashioned bronze framed mirror that looked like it had some age to it. This would be perfect I thought.

I never asked the clerk whether she knew any of the history of the mirror, but she then said something that struck us as odd. “Oh, that mirror has had a lot of interest from people but for some reason when they go to buy it, they suddenly change their mind and put the mirror down and rush out of the shop!”

Why did she tell us this? Was there some link to the theories that spirit can reside within mirrors? and had this mirror shown itself to the other potential buyers in some way that had scared them off buying it? Perhaps.

Naturally, I had to buy it, what with this very strange revelation it was perfect for what I wanted to do with it. Little did we know that it had some sort of mystical link or portal attached to it to the spirit world.

So there we have yet more evidence (of Mirrors the portal theory) to add to the ever growing collection that appears to show mirrors can be used by spirit as an entry point into our reality, we intend to take some full spectrum photographs of the mirror when conducting future Ouija boards in hope that we can capture any spirits entering our dimension.

The hunt for further evidence of Mirrors the portal theory goes on………….

Article submitted by The Ghost writer 

15th July 2019

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