New revelations from the Ouija board.

Below are significant details of a new revelation from the Ouija board.

These latest revelations of the S H phenomena were discovered by The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations team.


Background....The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations team run regular Ouija sessions with spirit from their own home in a quest to uncover more information from inside the world that spirits reside.

All of these sessions are filmed and done in a safe and controlled manner. The team does not go looking for trouble when contacting the spirit world and to date haven’t found any. 

By respecting the spirits we all connect with, they are sometimes more willing to offer us snippets of information about how their dimension works.


My name is Neil, and I am the editor of the website, Paranormal Weekly.

I am also an active paranormal investigator whose mission is to try and get answers to the mysteries that shroud the spirit world.

Myself and my wife actively seek new ways to immerse ourselves deeper into the spirit world, as we believe this is the best way to learn more of this alternate reality and how it co-exists alongside our own.

We have been investigating the paranormal for many years, and have uncovered many significant new pieces of information from the spirit world.

We like to use many different forms of communication with the spirit dimension as we attempt to gather new mind blowing information.


Spirit communication

I regularly lead Ouija board seances from our spiritually active home alongside my wife Mandi, and we seem to have discovered a real gift for connecting with the spirit world.

We have also captured many amazing EVPs (electronic voice phenomenas) through our home surveillance system, one of which opened our eyes to the fact that we have been given the ability to connect to the spirit world. 

This particular EVP informed us that myself and my wife had been specially chosen to communicate with the spirits that skip between our reality and their own.

(Please note: You will need good quality headphones or a speaker to hear the EVP, my wife has the ears of a bat)

 We hear a woman whispering ‘The Chosen Ones’. Do you hear it?

Questioning the spirits that connect with the Ouija board

The Ouija board can be a great way to spend an evening, trying to speak to those from the other side.

It can also be used as a great tool to gather exciting new revelations from the Ouija board as we ask questions of the spirits that connect with the board.

The Chosen ones team use these sessions in an attempt to gather new evidence of how the spirit world works.

Below are the very latest video’s of the team speaking to spirits from the other side, where some pretty major revelations were kindly shared by spirit. 

Important - Safety first and foremost

At this point I feel it my duty to inform my readers that we practice the Ouija board in as safe and respectful a manner as possible.

When we attempt to gather new revelations from the Ouija board we are always mindful of the dangers involved, and you should also be aware of the risks of connecting with the spirit world.

We do not invite demons or negative spirits into our home or indeed through our Ouija board. Safety when attempting to communicate with the spirit world plays a crucial role in how we investigate.

I always advise anyone wishing to connect with the spirit world to do so in as safe and respectful a manner as possible.

We are yet to fully understand what spirit can do to us physically and mentally so please, always be careful!

We always begin any session with opening prayers of protection, and likewise when we finish communicating with any spirits that are kind enough to spend time with us, we close the board properly.

Again, using special prayers to make sure that none of the spirits we have connected with hang around our home after we have finished speaking with them.

ouija board

Why we film each session we conduct

When we conduct our sessions connecting with the spirit world we now film them for review later, this is because whilst in the midst of an amazing session we can sometimes forget what the spirits have shared with us.

By filming each session we hold, we can watch them back to see if we have missed something really important.

We have an ever growing collection of short documentaries where we are communicating with the spirit world and new revelations of the Ouija board are presented to us.

These can be seen on our Youtube channel for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the spirit world and how it works.

Who better to ask what it is like in this alternate dimension than the spirits that reside there!

The big questions! What happens to us when we die? Is there a life beyond the one we know?

Needless to say, these are the main questions that all paranormal investigators are desperately trying to get the answers to.

It will be of no surprise to you when I tell you that the spirits I have communicated with to date haven’t just spilled all the beans and blown the lid off this whole mystery, mores the pity right.

However, over time we have managed to get little snippets of information here and there from the vast array of spirits that have connected with the board and kindly communicated with us for a short while.

Some of the things that have been shared by the spirits completely blew our minds, and I am now ready to share some of these revelations with you.

The S H phenomena - Our latest revelations from the Ouija board experiments.

Revelation Number 1, The S H planchette movement.

Each and every spirit we have had the pleasure of communicating with, always get questions from us that they seem unwilling to answer.

Questions like…..

What is it like where you are?

Can you tell us what happens to us when we die?

Is there a god?

The major questions we all wanting answering as we search for new revelations from the Ouija boards spirits.

Imagine if we were told exactly what happens to our spirit when we pass, the chain of events that we will go through when we take our final breath and depart this existence to cross over to this alternate dimension, surely it would be world news wouldn’t it.

When we ask these questions, we always get this exact response from the planchette, it moves very clearly over the letters S and H. Without fail, every time we ask a question that has real substance, we get S H.


We began to build a theory that the spirit was trying to tell us to be quiet, or say sorry I can’t answer that question. It makes sense doesn’t it, S H, shush!

It seems like all of the spirits that we communicate with have this standard response when asked a question that goes too deep into what it is like within their dimension, shush I cannot answer that.

Then we got to thinking why can’t the spirits just answer the question? 

What difference does it make to them if we know what happens when we take our final breath, after all, they have gone through the process, so why can’t they just tell us what happens?

My wife has a relevant theory that if we were all told that some sort of nirvana awaits us upon our death, suicide rates could potentially go through the roof. Imagine if you knew that if you died you would carry on living in another form, in a place that had no hunger, no pain, no poverty and no hate. 

People would be queuing round the block to terminate this life wouldn’t they. To quickly advance to this Utopian state and remove the struggles we endure in this life time. Could this be the reason why the spirit world guards its secrets so heavily?

A good friend and fellow paranormal investigator, Jon Winter and I have had many discussions about this S H phenomena and could only come up with one other logical explanation.

The spirits that we are communicating with MUST be being monitored by some higher being, a spiritual policeman if you will.

The guardian angels who oversee what spirit is doing on our dimension

It makes sense doesn’t it, that the spirits that come forward to speak to the living are being closely monitored so they do not blow the lid off the spirit worlds mysteries. 

There must be some form of punishment or purgatory for any spirit that gives away too much information to the living.

So, I set out to see if I could prove our theory regarding spiritual police or higher beings censoring what can and can’t be divulged to the living, and my findings of this theory were far better than I had hoped they could ever be.

I was expecting to receive the S H response to my questions yet again, but this time I didn’t, and I was told some things that gave us a little more information about how the spirit world is governed.

These were major new revelations from the Ouija board that we were receiving.

new revelations from the Ouija board

The second revelation - A major step forward in our quest for answers

I remember that Sunday very well, and I am pretty sure I have it on film somewhere.

I am not sure if it is one of the sessions with the sound problems we were suffering for a period, which would be just my luck, but I will go through my catalogue of videos and see if I can find the exact moments we struck gold, and I will post the video up at a later date.

Over the last year or so I have made a strong connection with my spirit guide, his name is John Fitzgerald. 

John often comes forward during our Ouija board sessions and says hello and asks me how I am.

We have made quite a good connection and formed a spiritual relationship; he often warns me of danger and has told me several times that it is his job to keep me safe as I journey through life.

Back to the day we got answers

On the day in question, John came forward again and I began asking him questions. I started with the big ones, what happens when we die? The response was S H. What is it like in the spirit world, can you describe it to me? Again, I receive S H.

The S H responses were what we were aiming for so I could ask the real question. I never expected to get the answers to the questions, but as a paranormal researcher one must try right.

The real question

I asked John, why do spirits always reply with S H when I ask them important questions?

He paused for a moment then the planchette began to move, it didn’t move towards the letter S, so I waited with bated breath, eager for his reply.

He told me the S H was indeed what we believed it to be. It was indeed, shush! we can’t answer that question.

So I pushed on and asked “is there a reason why you can’t answer these questions John, is there someone stopping you?”

His reply was YES! and he proceeded to tell me more.

He informed me that there are higher beings monitoring the spirits that communicate with the living, making sure they do not give away any crucial details of what life is like there, or to tell us about what happens to us when we die.

Who are these spiritual overseers?

I asked him, is it God that is watching over you and stopping you from answering my big questions of the spirit world? 

This time the planchette did not spell out any words, it slowly moved very clearly over the sun icon that sits in the left-hand corner of the board above the word YES.

new revelations from the Ouija board

I took it that by him moving the planchette clearly over this symbol, it represented that a good higher being or beings were overseeing, and monitoring the spirits that reside in this alternate dimension, and they are the ones forbidding us, the living from finding out what happens to us when we die.

For our team this was a major step forward in our quest for answers.

Conclusions of these new revelations from the Ouija board

These staggering new revelations from the Ouija board have proved to me that it is forbidden for the spirits we communicate with to tell us any truly significant details of what happens after death.

We must ask ourselves, there are thousands of paranormal investigators all over the world trying to talk to the dead in hope of getting a clearer picture of life after death, and you would presume by now that even just one of them would have gotten the answer wouldn’t you.

We know that the spirits of the dead can enter our reality through spiritual doorways or portals as we like to call them, and often our relatives will come back to visit us to see how we are getting on, yet none of them can answer what happened to them after they passed?

It’s a little odd isn’t it, not a single one spirit has said “of course, let me tell you what will happen to you once you join us in this alternate dimension”. 

The reason is still unclear as to why the spirits won’t or can’t tell us greater details, but we now know why, the spirits are being monitored!

A change of tactic is needed if we are to get definitive proof of the after life

It has been probably been well over a hundred years now since people started investigating the paranormal, and we haven’t really had any major breakthroughs yet have we.

It seems logical to me that we cannot simply ask the same question over and over praying for a different response. The answer is always the same isn’t it, S H, shush, we can’t tell you!

I believe we need to get smarter and start asking questions without asking them if that makes sense.

We need to try and outsmart the higher beings who are standing guard over the spirits we are communicating with.

I myself have had the S H responses to questions, then quickly realising I am going to be cut off from communicating with the spirit, I have steered the conversation away from the forbidden question I had just slipped in, to then go back to normal responses through the board.

This further validates that the spirit is being monitored when a question of substance is asked, possibly like an alarm goes off and an angelic overseer steps in to stop the spirit from giving away too much information. 

Have you ever asked the Ouija board, when am I going to die? Try it, and you will get the SH response.


These revelations from the Ouija board suggest to me that these spirit guardians (of which there must be many) are walking around this place that spirits reside in, and if they hear someone like me asking questions that are on the forbidden list they then stop the spirit from going any further with this line of questioning.

Are the spirits being threatened that some sort of hell awaits any spirit that dares to answer any of the forbidden questions?

Perhaps, or another theory could be that if a spirit was to step out of line and say too much, they would no longer be able to look in on our reality, a total ban on interacting with the living, and also then the spirit would be unable to look in on their loved ones from time to time, which we also know that spirits like to do regularly.

A new challenge

My latest challenge when communicating with spirit through the Ouija board is to try and get the answer to all of these new revelations.

I want to try and find out what would happen to a spirit that did go too far, and give away too much information.

I will probably be met with S H when I do ask the questions, but if I can somehow skirt around the actual question and not arouse the attention of the spiritual guardians then there may be a glimmer of hope of piecing these latest revelations together a little more.

Have you or anyone else had similar responses through the Ouija board?

I am putting this story out there in part to see if any other practitioners of the Ouija board have had similar results to the big questions.

Have you encountered the S H response?

Have you uncovered any new revelations from the Ouija board yourself?

 If so, then we would love to hear from you, and we will publish your story for the community to read.

Stay tuned for more updates as I delve deeper into the spirit world, and uncover more of what happens in this mysterious dimension.

As someone once said ‘The truth is out there’.

The Ghost writer series

11th August 2019

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