The Summer of Hell - Nina Terribles story

the summer of hell

A tale of the occult, and the dangers of conjuring spells and using the Ouija board

Nina Terrible has kindly shared her story with us to highlight the dangers of dabbling with the occult and to be careful of what you wish for when attempting to contact the spirit world.

Below is her story of the events that happened in the Summer of 1996

1996 - The summer of hell

It was the summer of 96 or better referred to as “The Summer of Hell”.

I can’t help but to blame myself for what happened to me that fateful summer, after all, I’ve watched plenty of horror movies, and I know all the basic rules when reaching out to the spirit world, but even then, I ignored the most important ones.

I was young and curious and was attracted to anything to do with horror. I played with a spirit board by myself to see if I could contact the spirit world and if that wasn’t enough, I had chanted spells from a book that I had purchased in a local bookstore. The spell book was written in another language and I had no idea what the conjuring rituals could and would do, but I was soon to find out.

book of occult spells
ouija board

The pursuit of contacting the spirit world

Several days passed as I pursued this dangerous game of using the Ouija board alone and chanting different spells from this mysterious book that I had no comprehension of what the text meant or what if anything I was summoning, I just wanted to see for myself if the spirit world did exist.

Frustrated at what I thought was a complete failure since nothing had happened, I continued with this dangerous combo, reciting spells and playing with the Ouija board. My curiosity was so great that I had to keep pushing on until something happened.

Awakening the spirit world

A few days had now passed, and things suddenly began to change. At first the change was subtle; I remember starting hearing strange noises around the home. I had an uneasy feeling that something inhuman or negative had taken residence in the house, and I had the feeling it wasn’t friendly.

For each night that went by this evil entity that I had somehow attracted became bolder and more aggressive, it was making itself known to me and the feeling of fear was growing inside me.

One evening whilst I slept something happened that I had not experienced before. Some call it sleep paralysis, but I know it was much more than that, this evil force was holding me captive. I could hear the growling in my ear and the voices as it whispered to me, calling out my name.

I was terrified! I fought so hard pluck up the courage to open my eyes and then an overwhelming state of panic would strike again as I witnessed with my own eyes, a hooded shadow figure standing at the bottom of my bed, and other shadow figures darting in and out of the walls, all calling out my name.

Had the spells I had been chanting opened a portal to hell, and had I unwittingly invited demons to come through the spiritual doorway I had created?

shadow man
shadow people

As my fear grew, so did the strength of the shadowy spirit

As time went by it was getting worse, I could now feel the hooded figure that stood at the bottom of my bed each night touch me, it physically touched my foot! Whatever this thing was would not allow me to sleep, and it was as if the entity was getting stronger each night.

I was so scared, and knowing it was all my fault I didn’t want to tell anyone what was happening to me, and what I had done to invite this demonic entity into my life, especially not my father. My family had warned me from the beginning about tampering with spirit boards and the occult.

I no longer felt safe in my own home and every chance I got, I tried to go somewhere else in hope that this thing wouldn’t follow me.

Spirit attachment

I distinctly remember several occasions where the evil had followed me. My Aunt had asked me to stay with her and her family during this one week that summer to babysit my little cousin while she was working shifts.

One evening as I slept, something roused me from my slumber. I opened my eyes to see the light above me flickering on and off. I had a feeling that something was happening again, and I immediately left the bedroom and slept on the couch for the rest of the night.

Another night, I experienced the same exact thing again with the lights flickering on and off, but this time as I fled the room, I heard whispering coming from my cousin’s bedroom which was located right next to the living room. Confused and terrified, I started to wonder if it was my cousin that I had been babysitting talking in his sleep, only to find out later that day he was sleeping with his parents in their room for the entire night.

Whatever was happening to me had to stop, and I knew I had to dispose of the Ouija board as soon as possible. The day I destroyed the board, I heard a voice later that night say, “I will come back”.

Eventually we moved home and I began to feel safe again. The activity still happened from time to time though. I realized later that this ‘thing’ that was terrifying me wasn’t attached or confined to the old house. I had summoned it and it was now attached to me.

Entering a state of oppression

My mental state was getting worse, I thought I was beginning to lose my mind, until one day my older cousin came to visit. She is also a believer in spirit and the paranormal and has had many of her own personal experiences with this alternate dimension.

We were sat chatting and exchanging stories of strange events we had both witnessed and my cousin turned around suddenly. She distinctly heard heavy breathing coming from upstairs.

We both looked at each in shock, and she noticed my dog turn towards the direction of stairs as she must have heard the heavy breathing too. My cousin had lived in my new home prior to me moving in, and she told me that she had never heard anything like that during the whole time she lived there.

A never ending nightmare

Over time things began to subside and the activity became less frequent, but from time to time I would still suffer from the sleep paralysis and hear the entity talk to me.

My last encounter with this hooded shadow figure was when my son was born, he was sleeping in his crib next to my bed and the tv was on. Suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of a shadow figure move past and across the tv screen and into the wall.

Seven years have now passed since that summer of hell but I am always aware of the words the hooded shadow figure said to me “I will be back”, the fear still resides deep inside my mind that this thing could return, but I do not recite spells any more and have learnt a valuable lesson.

There are things in this world that are way beyond what the rational mind can comprehend and can be very dangerous. Messing with the occult and performing rituals that we do not understand can have serious ramifications. The spirit world does exist and those spirits that reside there are not always as friendly as one would hope.

Nina Terrible

16th August 2019

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