Paranormal investigations team on standby to help people who are suffering from unwelcome spirit visitations

The Chosen Ones paranormal Investigations team.

With spirit activity on the increase and the fear that these spirits can cause, we have gathered a team of paranormal investigators to help people who are having their daily lives severely impacted by these unwelcome spirit guests.

Many people who are suffering from spirit activity, whether it is poltergeist activity, unwanted noises and disruption to the more serious cases of demonic oppression, will suffer in silence due to embarrassment of not being believed.

Many think that by admitting they are being terrorised by spirit they will be branded insane and be ridiculed by the police or other emergency services that are not equipped to deal with such sensitive cases.

The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations team are here to help. We have an experienced team of researchers who deal with the spirit world on a daily basis, and we will wont judge nor mock you as you reach out for help.

Spirit activity can be frightening for all those concerned and often people do not know where to turn for help. The police can help you to banish unwelcome visitors of the human kind, but if you were to ask them to remove a negative spirit from your home, you would probably not get the response you were hoping for.

Fear not, we will listen to your story of events and will be able to offer up advise as to how to deal with these unearthly visitors.

Our team of investigators have been studying he paranormal field for over 20 years and can communicate with spirit to find out why these entities are causing you problems.

We have uncovered evidence that in the majority of cases the spirits that enter your home are there for a specific reason. They have unfinished business here on our plane and come back to try and communicate something to the living that they need to be heard before they can pass on to the next stage of their journey in spirit.

Our team has the latest scientific equipment at our disposal that can scientifically record any anomalies in the home or business location that these spirits have set up residence in, and we can communicate with these spirits to ascertain what it is they want. We have found that some just need help to find the light that they are desperately looking for in the darkness of the limbo like state they have found themselves in. 

It is widely believed that if a person dies in very quick circumstances they do not realise they have passed away and are lost, scared and confused. These spirits somehow get stuck in a limbo like state, they are still trapped in the dimension of the living yet their earthly body has gone.

In the majority of cases a spirit will not hurt you, although it has been known that some negative spirits can cause actual physical harm to the unwitting home owner. Scratches are common when dealing with a negative spirit, or a burning sensation of the skin is another way that spirit can cause injury, and in the worst cases these spirits can cause you to suffer horrific night terrors or oppress the victim of their attack.

There are several classifications of haunting which range from a replay of an event that the spirit did in life, these residual hauntings are like a video tape playing over and over at the same time of day. This is referred to as the stone tape theory. Basically, lets say Mr Jones always walked into his kitchen at 9pm every night to get a glass of milk before bed. Mr Jones then tragically passes very quickly in the home and the energy that is held within the property then replays this nightly habit over and over.

These types of spirit are not conscious and have no intelligence, you are simply witnessing a replay of his habitual routine play on a loop. While this may be a little frightening to see the spirit of a dead person walking through your home each night, you can rest assured that the spirit cannot harm you and is totally unaware you are there.

Intelligent hauntings

As the title suggests, intelligent hauntings are completely different to the residual style. These spirits do have conscious thought and are aware of their surroundings and are aware of the new home owner. Many times, these spirits may have once lived at the location and for some reason have refused to enter the light and cross over to the spirit world. Maybe these spirits were taken too quickly and refuse to leave our dimension. They feel that the house you now live in is still theirs, and they may not be hapy that you have moved into their home and changed things that they liked. 

Maybe the new occupants have redecorated and the spirit that feels this is their home is angry that their favourite decor has been painted over or the wallpaper ripped down. The spirit can then become angry and begin to terrorise the new home owner in a way of defiance.

These spirits more often that not do not cause physical harm to the people they show themselves to, but it has been known. The spirit may begin moving objects around the home in an act of instilling fear into the home owner. Things can actually be thrown around the room, this is caused by poltergeist activity.

Poltergeist translates as ‘noisy ghost’, and these spirits can be very scary for those who witness objects apparently fly through the air with no rational explanation. on rare occasions people have been injured by the objects being thrown at them and this is when it is time to call for help.

Our team of investigators will be able to visit you at the location and attempt to first establish what has been occurring, and when these unearthly events began. Maybe you recently removed an object from the home or have had structural work done, then the activity seemed to commence over night.

Once we have established the chain of events and discovered why the haunting began, we can them begin to further document the spirit activity. 

Scientific equipment and our gift for communicating with spirit.

Once we have established you do indeed have a spirit in your home or workplace, we can then begin to attempt to communicate with this spirit.

Through our years of research in this field we have found that most frequently spirits begin to reach out to the living for a purpose. They may not be at rest due to an event that caused their death and need to tell someone what happened to them. The only way the spirit can get the attention of the living is by making things happen that scare those whose attention they seek.

We have members of the team who have a gift for communicating with spirit, and we will then attempt to initiate contact with the spirit. In many cases, once the spirit has been able to communicate what it needs, they are then willing to pass through the light and onto the next leg of their journey of spirit.

Some spirits however have no intention of passing through the light. We have found that if a person was nasty in life, then there is a good chance they can be nasty in death also. These negative spirits take great pleasure in causing fear and injury to the living. They are not interested in crossing over to the next life, they want to remain here and they want to hurt people.

These spirits although rare, can be very dangerous. There has been many recorded cases of victims being seriously injured by negative poltergeist activity and the spirit needs to be forcibly removed from the property.

We are experienced with cleansing unwanted spirits from locations and by using the power of prayer and assistance from our spirit guides we can remove these dangerous negative presences from your home. 

Spirits of this kind feed off fear. The more scared you are, the stronger they become. A viscous cycle then ensues as the entity gains more strength from your ever growing fear and they need to be stopped as quickly as possible so they can not seriously injure anyone or in the worst cases possess their intended victim.

While we do not wish to scare anyone, you must be made aware that some demonic or negative spirits can and will attempt to get inside your body and mind. There are several stages of possession that can take many months for the spirit to carry out.

Things to watch out for are changes in the mood or personality of a loved one. Have they become withdrawn or nasty when they were the opposite before the haunting began? Do they shut themselves away and not engage in the activities they used to love? 

These can be the early warning signs that a demonic presence is oppressing its victim. The oppression is meant to wear down the defences of the chosen body they wish to enter and once the victim is suitably weakened, the spirit will then attempt to take ownership of the persons mind and body.

These cases are very extreme and thankfully quite rare, but by being watchful and alert to the possible signs of oppression then you have a greater chance of repelling these negative spirits.

If you feel as though you may have a spirit causing you fear or intimidation in your own home or place of work then please do get in touch with us.

We do not charge for our services and will help you all we can completely free of charge. Spirits are very real and we will not think you are mad by claiming you are suffering from a haunting you wish to stop.

Click here to email us with any enquiries and a member of the team will get back to you very quickly to help in any way we can.

Neil Dixon

Lead investigator of The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations Team

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