Spirit Guides - An introduction

opening ourselves up to receiving spirit guides

Hello dear reader, today I wanted to discuss Spirit guides with you.

I am sure most of you will be familiar with the term Spirit guide, but do you know what this term means and what a spirit guide is? And more importantly, what a spirit guide does for you?

The theory that we all have a spirit guide suggests that at birth we are all given a designated angel or spirit guide to watch over us and help us grow into loving, peaceful beings. This angel has been sent by a higher power, to ready us for the next stage of our journey into the spirit world once we pass over and die.

Many religions and cultures believe that to be able to reach this utopian state (heaven, or nirvana), we must be taught how to be loving, peaceful, respectful beings. This appears to be a prerequisite for entering this magical place that spirit resides in.

In fact, during research I have held multiple communications with spirits from the other side and they all say the same thing when I ask them “What is it like where you are?”, the reply is always the same, bliss!

spirit guides

How do we get a ticket to enter this beautiful place?

There is a belief that those who do not learn the lessons their spirit guide is trying to teach them regarding how to conduct ourselves in a loving, caring and respectful way in life, will be made to return to this reality again to try and learn these morals and how to coexist in peace and harmony with one another.

Many people will return to this life over and over, as they try and right the wrongs of a past life, and there have been many documented cases of people remembering a past life they had on this planet. This seems to suggest that the theory of learning these lessons on morality and empathy do weigh heavily as to who can and can’t enter this heavenly place.

It is believed that in the world of spirit there is no pain, no anger, no jealousy, no hatred, just love and peace. And the spirits that govern this mystical place are very strict about the spirits they let enter it, so it makes sense to me that we are only allowed to enter once we have proved we are loving, and kind and can live in harmony for eternity therein.

Through my communication with spirit I had the pleasure of connecting with my spirit guide through the Ouija board. My guide came forward and told me his name was John Fitzgerald and that he was my spiritual guide. John said that he knew my father in life and had been chosen to watch over me.

He told me it is his job to keep me safe and guide me through my life until the day comes that I pass away, and on one occasion he joked with me through the Ouija board that its a full time job keeping me safe. Spirits have a sense of humour too it seems.

We each have multiple spirit guides

John went on to tell me more about spirit guides, and he told me that we all have a minimum of two spirit guides that are chosen to guide us through life.

One is in the form of an angel; they are filled with love and goodness and it is their job to keep us safe from harm and teach us how to be valuable members of society.

These guides will give us warnings of danger and can sometimes perform acts to stop us being injured or killed before our time. We have all heard of miraculous tales of people escaping certain death when the probability is that no one person could possibly survive such a terrible accident, yet these people walk away seemingly unharmed, minus the odd broken bone, but they are still alive which is a miracle, or is it?

The miracle you have read about or seen on the news could be the work of our spirit guides, who’s job it is to keep us safe. Some will dismiss this and say the person was just lucky. Perhaps this is true, or perhaps there was something spiritual at play that is beyond or comprehension that saved the unlucky victim from certain death.

That little voice in your head

Ask yourself this, have you ever heard a voice in your subconscious mind telling you, don’t do that, or stay away from that location? This voice you hear is not you tapping into your superpower that allows you to see the future, it is your spirit guide doing his or her job.

warnings from spirit

Now, as my communication with my personal spirit guide progressed, he told me further information that was a revelation to me.

He informed me that not only do we all have one angelic spirit guide, but we also have one negative guide too. These negative spirits are the Yin to our angels Yang.

representation of good and bad spirit guides

Negative spirits

These negative spirits are not here to help us grow; they want us to do bad things and cause us as much misery as possible.

They thrive off causing us pain and take great pleasure in attempting to destroy our lives. I am one of many that believes these negative spirits we have accompanying us through life are sometimes the reason mankind does terrible things to one another.

I ask myself, can someone be born bad? Can a tiny innocent baby be born evil; I do not believe this is the case. 

Theories suggest that people who do the despicable acts we hear about on the news or read in the paper are at times being influenced by a powerful negative spirit guide that has more power and sway over them than that of their angelic spirit guide.

Some people are so heavily influenced by these negative spirits that they are unaware they are being controlled by this negative force. I know many of you reading this will rubbish this theory, but I again ask, how did that little boy or girl who was so sweet, turn into a monster?

Psychiatrists will say that these people have had such poor upbringings, and that has damaged them mentally which has made them act this way, but some believe we should be asking the question ‘Is there something inhuman or spiritual at play here?

A man called David Icke has spent his life looking into this theory, much to his demise. This former TV personality faced ridicule as he told the world his theory that there is a holy war taking place. Good forces are battling evil on a level that is beyond our sight. Naturally, the masses labelled him as a lunatic, but despite the ridicule and implosion of his life, he persists in trying to spread the word that a spiritual battle is taking place, and a battle that evil is winning!


Further communication with my spirit guide

A recent session I had with my spirit guide, I decided to try to challenge this theory by asking if I could speak with the negative spirit that I have attached to me. Johns swift reply was No!

I was forbidden from communicating with this negative presence, maybe because if I was to open dialogue with this negative spirit my life could spiral out of control and I could either do harm to others or myself.

Needless to say, I heeded my guides refusal to speak with this negative presence as I got the overwhelming sense that it would be dangerous for me to do so.

There was also one occasion when my guide came forward through the Ouija board and we asked him if my wife’s spirit guide was with us and could we know their name? His reply was again swift, he said ‘your wife must seek out her spirit guide herself’ and he would not offer up any information about who this angelic being is.

This theory then suggests that for any of us to connect with our spirit guide we must be prepared to do the work that is required to make a connection.

Maybe, my obsession with wanting to know who my spirit guide was, helped me to connect with him. A medium I once spoke with told me that your guide will see the work you are putting in to try and reach out to them and once they are satisfied you really want to connect with them, they will reach out to you and open communication.

meditation to connect with our spirit guides

My experience of connecting with my Spirit guide.

My personal journey with my spirit guide has been a wonderful experience, he has saved me from multiple injuries, and on one occasion caused my wife to suffer a minor injury to spare me from a much more serious one.

He offers me regular warnings for the weeks ahead and what to watch out for, and his warnings always come true. On one particular week he told me that I should keep an eye out for wasps, and low and behold whilst performing my job that week, I came into contact with multiple wasp nests that if I had not been made aware to watch out for them, I could have been badly attacked by swarms of those evil insects.

my spirit guide warning me of dangers ahead

It is said that most people will never make a connection with their spirit guide, but this does not mean you do not have one. Your spirit guide will always be there looking over your shoulder offering that little voice in the back of your head, steering you along the path to health and happiness, my advise would be to always listen to that voice, one day it may just save your life.

The Ghost writer

31st July 2019

If you have any stories or examples of instances that your spirit guide helped you, then please contact the team and we will be happy to run your story on the site.

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