The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations and research team

The team

Neil Dixon - Lead investigator and empath.

Neil Dixon is one of the founder members of The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations and research team.

Neil has many years experience in researching and investigating the paranormal field.

He is a gifted practicioner of The Ouija board with a vast array of Ouija seances behind him, he leads the team when they are communicating with the spirit world and has the gift of hearing the spirits messages before they spell them out on the board.

There are other spiritual gifts Neil possesses that include the ability to Astral travel, and he has made a very close connection with his spiritual guide who is called John Fitzgerald. John often assists Neil when conducting communications with spirit as John resides in the plane that is just above ours here on Earth.

Here’s a few words from Neil…..

Hi everyone, I am a passionate investigator and researcher of all things spritual, I have no fear of the world of spirit and will push the boundaries further and further in my quest to delve deeper into the world of spirit.

Over the last few years I have found myslef changing spiritually way beyond anything I had dreamt possible.

I am opening a gift for communicating with the spirits that reside in the plane that sits closely to our own here on Earth. This plane is the first stop for the spirits of our loved ones when they pass. 

As spirits choose to advance further through the levels of plane that sits above the physical world, it becomes harder to communicate with them. We are unsure how many planes there are yet but I have it on very good authority from the spirits I often speak with that there are many.

I am very open minded which is crucial should anyone wish to open themselves up to the spirit world, as we mature from childhood to adulthood we get told that Ghosts and spirits don’t exist by our parents and those in higher moral standing than ourselves and we begin to believe them. This then closes our 3rd eye almost completely and we are no longer able to feel or interact with the spirit world as easily.

My advice to anyone who would like to study this field much deeper then they must start with opening their minds to the thinking that the impossible isn’t as unlikely as we think. I have seen many miraculous events that defy logic and science and completely believe that everything is possible.

Mandi Dixon - The other founder of The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations team, Empath and sensitive.

Mandi is Neils wife and closest member of the team. She stands side by side with Neil as they investigate and research the paranormal field.

Mandi is also and empath and can receive messages from any spirits that are in her vicinity.

She has had an interest in the Parnanormal since childhood and has experienced much tragic death through her life.

Her interest has always been in spirit communication, she has the ability to see the manifestations of spirit in the form of orbs of light and has seen multiple shadow figures in her time investigating this field.

While Mandi will admit she isn’t as fearless as her husband, this slight fear can come in very handy as we believe some spiritual energy feeds off the emotion of fear. This then can help to energise the spirits we encounter, which leads to some amazing evidence.

Mandi also has multiple Ouija board sessions behind her as she sits in on every Ouija session the team does, she is a key member of the process as the spirits have informed us that Mandi has a strong gift for attracting spirits, which in our line of work is the main objective.