The Ghost writer

Hello and welcome to Paranormal Weekly.

This website has been created in a hope that it can become a central hub for the paranormal community to publish its findings and share them with the world. 

We will all be able to read the latest claims of paranormal activity that are made and debate them in greater detail, to see if we as a combined force can further prove or debunk that the spirits of those whom have gone before us do actually come back to visit us, as we go about our daily lives here on the plane we call Earth. 

Topics we cover

Paranormal weekly is dedicated to all things spiritual from sightings of ghosts,to poltergeist activity or the more extreme cases of demonic possession.

We will delve deeper into this mysterious world of spirit than anyone has ever gone before, in an attempt to unearth exciting new evidence and establish new theories and potential links to this mysterious dimension that our family members seemingly cross over to when they pass away.

We are always looking for new evidence that can help us in our quest to prove beyond doubt that there is another dimension that we all journey onto to once we die. If you believe you have captured irrefutable proof of ghosts or spirits as we like to call them then please get in touch with the team and you could feature as a published author on the site.

This is your website and we want you to fill it with content that interests you. 

Turning sceptics into believers

Many sceptics dismiss the claims we in the paranormal community make because they need scientific evidence or someone of great moral standing to tell them that the spirit world does exist. We want to help turn the sceptics into believers by collating undeniable proof of paranormal activity.

While our team of experts do not believe that every bump in the night is caused by spirits of the dead, we do believe that happenings that are not easily explained do actually warrant further investigation.

The very word ‘Paranormal’ is defined in the dictionary as this

  1. denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.
    “a mystic who can prove he has paranormal powers”

Changing times, changing mindsets.

The world is changing around us all the time and people are slowly beginning to wake up to the possibility that the spirit world does exist. We can only awaken the public to these revelations by showing them irrefutable evidence of paranormal activity.

With the thousands of paranormal investigators all over the world capturing new evidence, we at Paranormal Weekly believe now is the time to document it all into one central hub so we can show the public what is going on around them, seemingly invisible to their eyes.

As we open our minds and eyes fully to the spirit world we then get to glimpse inside it and sometimes the spirits it contains will give us snippets of what life is like in their dimension.

Paranormal Weekly team members

The founder of Paranormal Weekly is Neil Dixon.

Neil has over 20 years experience in documenting and investigating paranormal activity.

Here’s an introduction from Neil.

Hi everyone and welcome to our website. I created this website with the hope of creating a place where paranormal investigators and enthusiasts can meet up and share their findings and theories.

I have been investigating and documenting the paranormal for most of my life. As a child I was terrorised my negative spirits. I remember walking through the local shopping centre as a child and another child was walking in the opposite direction towards me. This child looked like a demon, his eyes were that of pure evil, and the hateful stare he gave me even made my Mum notice it, and she was visibly shocked when she asked me who was that? 

I had no idea who this evil was, but after this event my troubles with a negative presence started. My dreams were filled with the same man, he would stand at the top of our garden and beckon me over. 

As I approached him he would turn round and his hood would fall to show me his demonic face screaming at me. I was terrified and it got that bad that I couldn’t sleep at nights. My teenage years were plagued with depression and anxiety. It took me many years to rid myself of this negative spirit, and he or they finally left me alone in my late 20’s.

This period of my life sparked my interest in the paranormal. I believe that if we immerse ourselves fully into the realisation that spirit can interact with us, then we can glimpse inside their world. Over the last few years after the death of my Mum, the spirit world seemed to want to reconnect with me. 

I was sat painting one day in the home and I heard a direct voice phenomena calling my name upstairs in the voice of my Mum. I was a little startled by the event but this was only the start. One evening as we slept I was awakened gasping for breath. It felt as though someone had been sat on top of me and was throttling the life out of me. Why I had been attacked like this I do not know but I was beginning to receive messages from the spirit world again.

A few weeks after this incident, I was again awoken by spirit. This time I remember some noise stirring me from my sleep and I felt the weight at the bottom of my bed as a spirit guest sat down looking at me. There was no fear, it was all quite matter of fact and I believe it was the spirit of my Mum coming to visit with me.

This event led us to install a night vision surveillance system and we captured some amazing evidence on it. The earliest recording we captured was an EVP of a woman coming into the room and saying ‘The chosen ones’. Was this a spirit telling us we had been chosen to be able to communicate with the spirit world? We believed it was.

Over the coming months and years we have captured some phenomenal evidence on our system, from orbs of light exploding into the room to spiralling feather like anomalies floating through the air. We were receiving regular visitors now and we needed to be able to communicate with them.

We decided to purchase a Ouija board and after much research how to use one safely we began to open communication with the spirit world.

We have received many different spirits through our seances. Some are in need of help to find the light and cross over to the next leg of their journey, some just say they saw our light and were intrigued and just came forward to chat.

We began filming our seances so we could document the activity we had at the house and have collected a portfolio of amazing interactions with spirit. I even managed to connect with my spirit guide, who told me his name and what he does for me. His job is to keep me safe in this life and I have received warnings of danger and even had him influence events to keep me from injury.

So, I have quite a depth of experience to call on when investigating the paranormal and I like to think I am very open minded, which is a must in this field. I enjoy watching peoples captures of paranormal activity and love to write research papers and debate theories that we link to the world of spirit. I look forward to chatting with some of you as we grow the website, and I hope that some of you will share your beliefs and findings with us in the near future.



Jon Winter Tech Expert and Paranormal analyst

Jon Winter has over 10 years experience of dealing with the paranormal. His area of expertise is technology. 

Jon thrives off delving deep into the paranormal questions we all have, and has a gift for uncovering evidence that is buried deep in the internet.

If you have a question regarding any thing paranormal then Jon is your man. He is very tech savvy and has a very analytical mind.

He is a wealth of knowledge of most paranormal topics and what he doesn’t know, he soon will by reading as much as he can find on the given subject.